About The Yoga School

“The body is the spirit incognito.”
— Sanor McNab

Our Eight-
Limbed Mission

  • Develop an intentional, beautiful space for students to gather and grow as individuals and as a community
  • Provide high quality instruction in Ashtanga Vinyasa-based classes that incorporate philosophy, ethics, breath work and other advanced elements for a holistic approach to yoga
  • Offer private yoga sessions with senior instructors to promote the traditional transmission of yoga practice: teacher-to-student
  • Facilitate a professional yoga teacher training and certification program via Kaivalya Yoga Academy, a Yoga Alliance registered program
  • IMG_3851_webEncourage collaboration among the surrounding yoga community by conducting continuing education courses for local area yoga instructors , including ongoing classes and presentations by visiting educators
  • Lead dynamic and creative workshops with special themes on an evolving basis, such as seasonal solstice rituals, yoga for farmers, yoga retreats, etc., and projects designated by student request
  • Inspire others to “live yoga”
  • Open minds, hearts and bodies, and — yes — improve the planet, one life at a time

Why The Yoga School

We believe in the potency of this method of yoga. We don’t see our classes as only exercise, but rather as supportive entry points to a path of authentic living. Our Ashtanga Vinyasa classes correspond to one limb among the eight limbs in this path: the royal path or Raja Yoga. These classes see how the techniques of conscious breath (ujjayi pranayama), centered energy (bandhas) and focused gaze (dristi) can effectively cut away the veils of our conditioned existence and expose our true, loving selves. As practitioners nourish, heal, and purify their bodies, they can “come undone” on a physical level so that their truth and spirit can be seen. The grounding of the practice frees the heart to unfold the higher limbs of the path: concentration, meditation, and heaven on earth. Beyond a happier quality of life — more joy, better health, less stress — yoga leads to love and freedom.

Who we are

DSC_5732_webDirector Lennessa Shantaya offers the experience and insight from more than 12 years studying Ashtanga under renowned teachers; teaching students; and training yoga instructors. Her strengths lie beyond the ability to safely lead students through yoga classes. Her craft and calling is to work with each student, seeing his or her individual light, as she assists that practitioner in the unfolding process or “the yoga lifestyle.” All of our qualified instructors are dedicated to Lennessa’s mission and vision. They each have personally trained under Lennessa and are registered through the Yoga Alliance.