• Drop-In Class: $20
  • Student Drop-In: $10
  • 1 unlimited session: $108            (Tues & Sat Classes 12/1 – 1/16)
  • Private Yoga Sessions: $75-$100/ hr

Coming in January:

  • Prenatal Yoga
    4 Class Pass: $60*
  • Baby and Me Yoga 4-Class Series:
    $60 for 4 classes.
  • Pre-registration is strongly encouraged, as the class fills up quickly. RSVP please (607) 793-6471


Class Descriptions

“What is it about my daily rituals? Why such pleasure in repetition? Well, it occurs to me that I might just be practicing… being me.”
— David Jacoby


(60 to 90 min.) classes correspond to variations of the “Rocket” sequences as taught by Larry Schulz.  This creative mix blends postures from Ashtanga’s first and second series while meeting the “daily minimum requirement” of sun salutations, forward bends, core work, twists, backbends, and inversions conducive to all.

Gentle Vinyasa

(90 min.) provides a nourishing, soothing and stabilizing flow of postures that may also serve as a foundation for the absolute beginner.  The class incorporates deep relaxation, stress relief and meditation at a calm pace to unwind, refresh and invigorate the mind and body.


(75 min.) classes present an adaptive sequence of postures that guide to the Ashtanga Primary Series.  In the modified format, practitioners chant the traditional invocation and engage the techniques of breath, bandhas and dristi to unfold the depth, detailing, spirit and intelligence of flowing postures.


(75 to 120 min.) classes are at the core of the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition.  In this completely self-led format, participants are invited to share space while practicing alongside one another.  After the instructor leads the opening mantra, students work individually at their own pace on a series of their choosing.  The instructor is available for technique input and hands-on adjustments before cuing the last 15 minutes and śavasana.

IMG_0095_webPrenatal Yoga – All Levels

(75 min.) Prenatal yoga is one of the most beautiful gifts a pregnant woman can give to herself and her unborn child. Women who practice yoga during pregnancy create a strong, capable body ready to facilitate the birth of her baby. The postures, breathing techniques and chanting encourage a deep mind-body-spirit connection, helping the mama-to-be feel close to her child while creating a serene space for the baby to grow and develop.

Baby & Me Yoga

(60 min.) classes grow the relationship that Momma and baby may share together on the mat.  The opportunity deepens the parental body-mind connection while combining open postures with play and fun.  This is suitable for little ones 6 weeks to actively crawling. *Please call or email for registration.